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alpha z ea forex robot is not a simple expert advisor, it is the combination of a set of perfectly combined trading strategies that are complemented with one objective: DIVERSIFY AND WIN.

Trading strategies alone do not always have good results. Alpha Z implements a set powerful combined strategies that counteract the drawdown periods of each of them. This confluence minimizes the risk, seeking a greater continuous profits with exponential growth. All this is achieved without implementing any toxic and dangerous systems such as martingale, grid systems, etc.


What you should know:
Remember that Alpha Z is not just a trading strategy, they are several strategies working simultaneously and independently. This implies that there may be different trades open at the same time, even in the opposite direction. This is nothing more than each of their strategies working independently, and at the same time, complementary. All operations will always have Stop Loss and Take Profit, and will be managed by Alpha Z.

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Time Frame      : H4
Symbol              : EUR/USD
VPS recommended
5 digit broker
Stop Loss and Take Profit are always used
Without toxic strategies, no martingale, no scalping, no coverage or grid systems, etc.


In mode AGGRESSIVE, minimum capital 100 USD.
In mode NORMAL, minimum capital 500 USD.
In mode CONSERVATOR, minimum capital 1000 USD.
In mode ULTRA CONSERVATOR, minimum capital 2000 USD.

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