Trend Power System – MW-full-pak

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Trend Power System - MW-full-pak 1Trend Power System – MW-full-pak

MW Scanner :
– 1 chart scans all pairsNew Version :
– Alert on neckline level
– Dynamic target area
– Timeframe 1min to Monthly
– No repainting
– Forex, Indices, CryptoIndi
MW indicator based on pattern called M & W.
Patterns are more reliable on high timeframe H4, D1, Weekly & Monthly…. but it requires a very long time to form.
MW are patterns that happen every single week on some pairs as cylce price movement always behave the same way. Going up and down… If we look at it closely, it forms letters M & W drawn on chart.
M formation could generate a reversal set up => Bearish
W formation could generate a reversal set up => Bullish
About Indi
Indi sends alerts (MT4 or mobile notification) and displays MW patterns directly on chart

Trade set up
SL : 30 to 75 (depending on Timeframe)
TP : Risk/Reward up to 1:4

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