smLazyTMA Bands

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smLazyTMA Bands 1

Very good! Only for extra of your exams you may also strive the indicator I posted earlier. – (for Lengthy) Shut below LowerBandi – Histogram adjustments coloration from darkish crimson to gentle crimson ! – Entry above the excessive of the earlier bar – Trailingstop on Decrease-Band1 or Band2 Connected Picture (click on to enlarge)

This “smLazyTMA Bands” is a TMA model during which as an alternative of ATR the usual deviation is used. The multipliers are the mathematical 1,2,3,4 sequences.
The indicator “smSmallWick AvgSlopeLog” is: logarithm of the slope of the transferring common.
Transferring common: SMA, 3, shift 1, on typical value (pivot).
Necessary is that the change of the histograms colours present a change of the second by-product of the slope. The filter issue is the treshold on the sorted values of the slope values.
The present variations are posted right here, particularly if I discover bugs within the code…

smLazyTMA Bands 2