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Th3Eng PipFinite PRO
th3eng pipfinite pro is based on an analysis of the right trend direction with perfect custom algorithms. It show the true direction and the best point to start trading. With Stop Loss point and Three Take Profit points. Also it show the right pivot of the price and small points to order to replace the dynamic support and resistance channel, Which surrounds the price.
And Finally it draws a very helpful Box on the left side on the chart includes (take profits and Stop loss points prices, the fully current signal details).
How to trade No complicated steps, Just follow 2 simple steps
#1 Open Position

Enter the signal when the indicator shows the arrow. #2 Set Stop Loss
Exit the BUY signal on a new SELL signal. Exit the SELL signal on a new BUY signal. #3 Set Take Profit
Take Profit on TP1 line, And close your position. Partial take profit on TP1 and close remaining position on TP2. Close the position on the new opposite Signal.
General Setting Factor: Is the sensitivity factor number of the indicator. That you can change it from 0.01.
History: maximum number of bars used for calculation and drawing.
Draw Box: controls the visibility of the left side Box drawn on chart.
Draw Pivot Line: controls the visibility of pivot MA drawn on chart.

Alerts Section ==> controls the alert options enabled.
Th3Eng PipFinite V1 all TFAll currency pairs All market indices
with 3TP + SL

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