binary options tester

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binary options tester 1

The tester is intended for binary options.
binary options tester,Allows you to test indicators, with any expiration, with any number of martingale knees,
martingale by bars and by signals.
The tester allows you to limit the signals of indicators that follow each other.
Test for any period, at any trading time.
Tester settings:

Tester settings:

Indicator_Name – name of the indicator under test
Bufer_Buy-buffer for the signal up
Bufer_Sell – buffer for the signal down
Signal_ – the ability to limit signals coming one after another (All_Signa – all signals, Start_Signal – only the first signal of the series)
Time_Trade – trading time
Tester- on/off
Test_Period – period of the test
Expiration_Bar – expiration (in bars)
Martingale_Order – number of martingale knees
Martingale_Method – martingale method, by bars or by signals

Time_Bar – placard timer (time to close the candle)
Screen_Button – button for taking screenshots in one click
Text_Size – text size of the tester
Arrow_step-indent arrows from candles
Alert_MT4 – alert in MT4
Alert_Email – notification by mail
Alert_Mobile – notification on the phone

If nothing is entered in the “Indicator_Name” setting, then a simple algorithm is included, with its own signals