STIRPROFIT X MT4 Trend Forex Robot

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STIRPROFIT X MT4 Trend Forex Robot 1

STIRPROFIT X MT4 Trend Forex Robot is an automated forex robot that works on highly volatile trading instruments. The algorithm of the trend robot uses a system of risk diversification and safe tracking of transactions according to the trend movement.

The STIRPROFIT X EA trading robot analyzes the trend movement and, at the beginning of the intensive movement of the currency pair, opens deals based on the analysis. The robot algorithm uses the RSI indicator for analysis, which determines the strength of the trend and the likelihood of its change. When the trend reverses, it instantly reacts to changes. It also uses a risk reduction system in case of a high drawdown of the account deposit.

The STIRPROFIT X trading robot is one of the most profitable and safe trading robots. This algorithm and the trading strategy allow you to extract a fairly high profit from work. If you follow the recommendations, the robot will bring profit not just for a long time, but constantly. Profit directly depends on several factors: your deposit, the established trading volume, and the intensity of the price movement of the trading asset

According to the developers, this robot can double a $500 deposit in almost 2-3 months of trading with a 1:500 leverage account, without a drawdown of more than 20% or a maximum of 30%.

Recommendations for this MT4 Trend Robot

You can start trading with a deposit Minimum deposit of $300-600 standard account
The recommended minimum deposit for safe trading is 5000$ or an equivalent cent account of 50$(Low risk).
The best currency pair for the robot is EURGBP. It also works very well with the GBPUSD, EURUSD, and AUDUSD. (Work on any pair)
Work Best on H1 and M5 TimeFrame. (work on any TimeFrame)
Recommend running this STIRPROFIT X MT4 Trend Robot 24/5

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