six study ea Forex Robot

Advisor name : Six Study
Year of issue : unknown
Version : 1.0
Sale site : unknown
Currency pairs : G8PUSD
Timeframe : MI S
Trading time : around the clock
Description : unknown. version in source code. possibly knowledgeable coders can decipher the logic
Monitoring : absent
Backtests : Test on Dukas quotes with a constant spread and 1 : 100 leverage.

Six Study EA Results:
funny one-order bot Z. Well, it is necessary to check it normally in TDS2 for a longer period and, maybe, modify it.
But in the first test with a fixed lot somewhere around 300% ++ for 9+ months of 2020 Depot min $ 8 for 0.01
lots, win rate 47% +, but TP = one and a half Sl +.
It is necessary to check it according to the mind, it is normal to test / opt for it