Reversal Trend No-Repaint

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Reversal Trend No-Repaint 1

Reversal Trend No-Repaint

accurate divergence detection
adaptive to market conditions
ultra-sharp reversal points
adaptive momentum
Your Benefits when trading with Reversal Trend

E.V.E. Forex signals won’t
jump from candle to candle.
All buy and sell signals are no-repaint.

Our Zero-Lag technology will
block and remove false signals.
A must, to determine swing cycles.

Reversal Points
By looking at the swing
of dominant market maker cycles,
E.V.E. determines reversals accuratly.

True Divergence Detection
In combination with latent demand-supply
pressure and synched order-book snapshots
we are able to print true divergences.

Adapt to Market Conditions

E.V.E. receives data of market and price limit
orders from a wide range of ECN and STP
brokers to predict the direction of the FX market.

Adaptive Momentum

E.V.E. Systems analizes real-time
market transactions to print
accurate and true movement.

Become a Profitable E.V.E. Trader with a 9 to 5 Job.
Master a few steps that can help you improve your Forex trading while working daily 9-5 and finding enough time for
your family at the same moment.

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