KX4.PRO Russian Trading System– stock market Forex

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KX4.PRO Trading System

A mechanical trading system that simply sweeps all the profits from the market into your pocket. Fully formalized, does not require special knowledge and skills from a trader, the ratio of profit to loss is 8 to 1.

The truth is that it is extremely difficult to find trading indicators that:

a) do not redraw.

b) give high-quality timely signals.

c) have a decent ratio of profit to risk (at least 3 to 1).

d) are resistant to changes in market conditions (that is, they do not need to be constantly twisted).

e) can harmoniously fit into the set of rules of a mechanical trading system.

f) multicurrency and give profitable signals on different timeframes from M1 to D1.

Almost any profitable trading system is based on manual decision making. 

That is, to get a stable profit, there should be not just indicators, but also your own manual look at the market. These can be fundamental factors, stock summaries and reports, manual construction of graphic patterns and much more. In a word, the root of any profitable system was some kind of analysis (complex or particular), which was only humanly capable. And all indicators and other pribludy were just auxiliary filters.

That was until recently.

We have been trading for more than 15 years. During this time, we have studied and tested over 3500 indicators! And we found what we were looking for. Indicators that give very accurate and super-profitable signals and most importantly, these indicators do not redraw and at the same time retain their effectiveness! 

Moreover, we were able to fully formalize the rules of the trading system based on these indicators.

And this means that you just look into the set of rules, and if there is a signal through the system, you simply work it out. In 80% of transactions you will receive a guaranteed profit. Moreover, the ratio of profit to loss is 3 to 1 and higher. 

See how simple the rules of the KX4 trading system are and its outcome.


Do you know the tools that accurately predict a trend change?

Have you ever wondered why traders after a series of profitable trades will inevitably suffer losses that overlap all their past profits?

The problem is obvious. As a rule, a trader makes money in some clearly pronounced part of the market — this can be a trend (if the system is trend) or flat (if the system is flat) market conditions.

But! As soon as the trend goes into a flat or counter trend state, the trader does not have time to react and close his deals in time. Since he does not have the tools that help him determine the very change in trend. As a result, the trader begins to recoup, sit out the growing loss and hope for a miracle.

But a miracle does not happen and margin call takes such traders out of the market in an instant.

By the way. According to statistics, more than 98% of traders pour their money into Forex. Particularly for this reason.

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