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This strategy is perfectly tailored to trading forex, commodities, ETFs, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. Indicators used in this system are MHDMT ZT History, MHDMT Gray Belt, MHDMT XMA and Momentum Scalper.
form-control input-ai-textbox”>Since this is a scalping system, we were supposed to take the trade in the lower chart

But this system has one exception. The trend needs to be classified on the daily chart so that the traders don’t take the trades against the trend. However we will discuss how to start trading the trend for the long trade.

And for the short order, we’re going to discuss how you can ignore the daily trend and still benefit from this amazing method. But remember, scalpers have to follow one simple rule and that is money management.

Without following the rules of investing, it is impossible to make a profit in the fast moving market. You may be an amateur, but this perk can help. Load the template and you will get the complete setup to run short and long trades.

But be patient and lose your temper after a few losses. Let’s learn how to take short and long trades with momentum-based scalping strategy.

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To execute the call operation, you need to focus on the channel color. The channel color must be green. The reason we need a green channel for our long trade is the daily trend. If it is red. , the daily trend should be considered downwards

Therefore, look for an asset that has a green MHDMT channel. Below the channel, you will notice a light green dashed line. This is the most critical line for aggressive resellers

buy limit in the green zone with 12 pips SL and 24-25 pips take profit In most cases, if they choose a stable market, they can maintain a profit rate of 70% with a risk / reward ratio of 1: 2.

But this technique is a bit aggressive for many traders and some of you will want confirmation. For them, we have the classic way to go long when the support is important, the price will go back into the green zone and form a bullish candlestick pattern.

Please note that we must have a green bar on the momentum scalper indicator, price test – green dashed line. When the price returns to the green zone, you will see a purple channel. Place a buy order 3 pips above the purple channel. Stop loss will be 14 pips. Take profit for a buy stop order ranges from 30 to 50 pips. If the volatility is high, you can easily earn 50 pips by using this technique.

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Exchanging conditions and rules:

– Timeframe:

М5, М15 – Expiration: for М5 – 3 candles

for М15 – 4 candles

Purchase signal:

The cost is in the red zone

Cost is above purple moving midpoints

A red bar showed up in the storm cellar pointer above level “0”

Section on the following candle after the sign

MHDMT-Momentum-Forex Trading 2