The ULTIMATE Alerter

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The ULTIMATE Alerter 1

The ULTIMATE Alerter

This alerting-indicator makes professional trading besides your day job possible! It alerts you when the outstanding good reversal pattern “Double Top/Bottom with Fake Breakout” occurs. It can check up to 30 trading instruments and up to 8 time frames.
Your advantage:
– Successful trading besides your job possible
– No need to scan the charts visually for Double Top/Bottom signals
– You can react faster because of real-time alerts
– You can receive alerts everywhere via email and push notifications

The alerting-indicator can give you MT4-Alerts and can send you emails if a Double Top/Bottom occurs. The following screenshot shows such setups:

The ULTIMATE Alerter 2

The Double Top/Bottom Alerter indicator will check fully automatic up to 30 instruments on up to 8 time frames for you.
You can get the signals in real-time via MT4 popup, Email and Push Notifications, even to you smart phone!

The following screenshot shows the dashboard view of the Double Top/Bottom Alert indicator:

The following video explains the installation procedure of the Double Top/Bottom Alerter and the best practices if you want to use the alerter also on lower timeframes M5 and M15.
The video describes:

1. Enable DLLs, only then the Alerter will work

2. Install the the alerter-indicator and the double top/bottom-indicator

3. Prepare a chart for the alerter, place the alerter on this chart and save this chart-configuration as a template

4. Use the buttons on the alerter chart to open charts which contain the double top/bottom-indicator -> useful to open charts fast if a setup is alerted

5. What to do if the names of the instruments are different on your MT4-platform?

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