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AutoFibonacci 1

At present i would like share 1 indicator that im nonetheless use until now.. we name it AutoFibonacci indicator.. just like the title, this indicator will auto calculate and draw fibo in new day on daily basis..
Thus far i exploit this indicator nonetheless in revenue situation.. 7win, 3loss in 10 trades.. i exploit at pair EU, EJ, UJ, Time-frame H1..
When enter in new day, this indicator draw for you stage fibonacci and let you know the place to place pending order, the place TP and SL.. tips on how to know promote or purchase? Dont fear, for those who see the road of fibo inexperienced thats imply purchase, and crimson for promote..
So, dont waste your time learn my babbling, obtain and take a look at it your self.. you’ll like it.. hahaha

AutoFibonacci 2 AutoFibonacci 3