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Power Trend Robot forex Robot, We are glad that you are here today. We create different types of Forex products from indicators to combo products. Today we share a professional and exclusive tool for the M30 time frame – real EA.

Signals: signals are based on Oscillators range with a special trend detector. It helps to place trades at the good points and catch trends early. Trend detector helps to avoid false signals.

Auto: EA places 2 trades per day while active Market session. If your first trade is finished by taking Profit – it stops trading until the next day. If the first trade is closed by BE/SL – then it allows one more trade. Once again – 2 trades per day maximum. The main purpose – enter on strong signals, fewer trades – but better quality of signals.

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We made a good moveable panel, all settings are right on the chart – no need to get back to the inputs setting to change something.

Signal Power – this option helps you to understand the current situation in the Market. It comes from Oscillators mainly, without trend detectors. Most of the time you get a trade on higher percentages. Red for SELL, Blue for BUY.

Trading ON – you can stop EA whenever you wish or keep it ON for trading. 2 Trades per day is allowed.

Take Profit/Stop Loss & BE are also available for you. This makes that system really powerful and keeps it simple as much as possible.

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