Newton EA forex-robot

Newton EA forex-robot 1

Wellcom to Newton EA v1.0

Guidelines 01:-must Run EA VPS or Run Pc 24X5.

Guidelines 02: –You may Run it Any pear However EU H1 offer you good outcome.

Guidelines 03: –Fist you’ll be able to strive it Demo, Should you loss actual cash you cant calm Anyone. So, thank about it. Foreign exchange market is excessive dangerous.

Guidelines 04:-minimal deposit 100$ for lot dimension 0.01 just for one pear.


minimal deposit 1000$ for lot dimension 0.1 just for one pear.

Guidelines 05:-The EA buying and selling work As a trad cycle. IF you flip off the EA it’s essential manually shut All trad. Should you run this EA NO want manually shut Any trad. It might protected exit.

Want you suggestions