IceFX Trader Agent Full Pro Version

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IceFX Trader Agent Full Pro Version

Position Management in a Hurry
The program makes it simple to manage position(s). For example, if you wish to start or close a position, you may do so with only one mouse click using ICeFX TraderAgent. Metatrader’s Order Window is no longer available.

Reverse the position
When you’re trading and you suspect the market could shift against you, you can terminate your existing trade and establish a new, opposite position with the same LOT size with a single click. ICeFX TraderAgent can use this option to reverse the following trade.

Function of breakeven
When you have open positions and the market direction is heading towards your anticipated profit region, you may wish to move StopLoss to the price of the opened position (for example, if you’re approaching breakeven with 0 profit and 0 loss). With only one click, ICeFX TraderAgent might complete the entire procedure for you.

All functions should be closed.
If you have many positions open (for example, because you’re developing positions or using a grid approach or forex scalper ea ), and you want to close them all at the same time, just click the “Close all” button on the ICeFX TraderAgent control panel.

Calculation of lots depending on risk
You may define the maximum risk you’re willing to accept, and ICeFX TraderAgent will compute the position’s trading volume (LOT) based on that.

The function of a trailing stop
The program encourages the use of trailing stops (s). You may use ICeFX TraderAgent to establish trailing stops for your trades.

ICeFX TraderAgent’s MagicNumber function allows you to handle positions that have previously been opened by any Expert Advisor (EA).

You may simply rearrange the chart’s windows or conceal them if you like.

Information on Daily Profits
The Profit Info pane allows you to keep track of your trading performance.TraderAgent provides profit results in both pips and currency on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

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