Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA forex robot

Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA forex robot 1

Gap Sniffer Pro EA is an Expert Advisor designed to capitalize on the 90% of gaps that are likely to close. This fully automated trading robot is perfect for long-term investments and offers various customizable settings to suit different trading styles.

The Pro Forex EA is a unique trading robot that utilizes the principle of gaps closing in approximately 90% of cases. By tracking the gap and placing an order with a take profit at the extreme of the gap, the EA can help you achieve consistent returns on your investments.

One of the key features of the Gap Sniffer Pro EA is its customizable settings. You can set the gaps to be smaller, which may result in more trades, but it is entirely up to your preference. If you are unsure about the EA’s performance, testing it on a cent account before going live is recommended.

Pro Forex EA can get a bit risky sometimes since it utilizes the martingale method sometimes. Because of this method, this EA has a very high ROI(Return on investment). How Much Profit you can make monthly depends on your lot size and risk value.

After a Long time of using this strategy, Blowing your account is inevitable. However, with the periodic withdrawal of investments, the probability theory works in our favor. After the initial investment is withdrawn, the dangerous martingale strategy becomes break-even and highly profitable.


Recommendations for this Pro Forex EA
Minimum Account Balance of 1000$(Medium risk), and 100$ cent account for Low risk.
Work Best on EURUSD, GBPUSD(Work on any currency pair)
Work best on M1. (Higher the TimeFrame, fewer the trades. So, M1 Timeframe has the highest amount of trades)
This Pro Forex EA should work on VPS without interruption and with low latency to reach stable results. So we Highly Recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
Low Spread account is also Highly Recommended

The Gap Sniffer Pro EA has been developed by an experienced trader who uses the EA for their private trading. This means that the EA is designed with the needs of real-world traders in mind and has been thoroughly tested in various market conditions to ensure its efficiency.

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