forex signal bars v10a

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forex signal bars v10a

I am posting the latest version of Signal Bars as there have been some requests on different threads for it. There have been some issues with the Signal Bars display since the new MT4 builds with the bars blending together so this has been fixed.

The password for this forum is free_at_ff Sorry for the inconvenience but I have had to use a password as it has prevented people selling it on eBay.

Request to have the Pips to Open changed to Pips to Close – Close being the previous days Close due to some markets having a large gap between end of a day and the start of a new day.

06/09/2014 : #Signal Bars 12 ff nmc code updated to work on the new MT4 600 series – The Password remains the same.

20/09/2014 : Some important notes concerning using #Signal Bars 12 ff nmc
#Signal Bars 12 ff nmc can only be used on the new 600 build series MT4 not the earlier version 500 series MT4, it also requires a Password before it will work and you also need to put the #Signal Bars 12 ff nmc ex4 file into the correct folder.

The easiest way to find the correct indicator folder is to start up your MT4 trading platform then go to file usually up at the top left of the chart then in this sequence Open Data Folder / MQL4 / Indicators then put the #Signal Bars 12 ff nmc ex4 file in that indicator folder and next close down the MT4 and restart it and you should find the #Signal Bars 12 ff nmc indicator in the indicator navigator list, remember #Signal Bars 12 ff nmc also needs to have a password ( see above ) put into the inputs as you load it on a chart.

Signal Bars has been updated to work on the MT5 platform – the password has changed and is “FREE_cja_indicator” sorry that I still have to do this but it has appeared to stop people selling it on eBay.
NOTE : The name can not be changed in any way or the indicator will not load on the chart.
This is a very basic version of Signal Bars but still has most of the features the mq4 versions have, please take the time to look through the inputs and try it for a while before asking any questions.
It has taken me some time to work out how to code this Signal Bars Display ( not totally familiar with the mq5 code yet ) using the mq5 code so there is every possibility that there may be some issues with it, I have noticed when first loading it on a chart sometimes the number values read incorrectly however a change of time frames updates the data. Please let me know if you find any problems.

NOTE : I have noticed that I have left different input values in the Stochastic input for the STR bars, currently they are 8/17/9 and method of SMA to make it the same default as the original Signal Bars the inputs should be 5/3/3 method EMA. The MA’s are currently method SMA and should be changed to method EMA if you want to have it set by default like the original Signal Bars, of course it is up to the trader what settings they use.

Update 22/02/2018 : Some display issues when first applied to the chart have been fixed and the original default settings are back in the inputs. A shift input has also been added so the the Signal Bars indicator can be placed in an indicator/sub window.

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