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History of transactions with the CRYSTAL indicator

In this video you can see the history of transactions for 5 days. All deals, like in the promo video, were opened on the Binarium trading platform
Why is the CRYSTAL indicator so accurate
Below are a few good aspects because of which the indicator gives such clear signals
Crystal is a uniquely new currency market algorithm that includes only 10% of third-party code
The last update was on February 2, 2020. The update includes updating the history of price dynamics and increasing the percentage of market sentiment

The main time for calculating the signals was taken exactly 1 minute. This difficult time interval for many traders with the Crystal indicator is now available to everyone. And on older T.F., these signals became accurate – 100% The operation of the CRYSTAL algorithm from the inside
Below you can see and get acquainted with the operation of the Crystal trading algorithm from the inside.

The indicator searches and calculates various features and patterns in price dynamics. Finds overbought and oversold ranges. All calculations are based on the history of price movements over the past year.

It analyzes candles determining the possibilities of warring strones – Bulls (buyers) and Bears (sellers). Thus, getting a percentage possibility of overbought or oversold

If in the overbought zone the ratio of Bears and Bulls reaches the 2/1 mark (in percentage terms), then the indicator gives a sell signal. And exactly the opposite – If the ratio of Bulls and Bears in the oversold zone reaches 2/1 (in percentage terms), then the indicator gives a buy signal

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