Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version

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Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 1

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Let’s remember what we are taught in most trading training schools, in dealing centers and other educational institutions. How to use these or other indicators. They need to be used in this way, and not otherwise. Everyone is taught the same way and 95% of all traders merge in the first year of work on the exchange.

Have you ever thought this strange? Why are we taught to merge, and not work profitably?

My friend, the author of the Capital strategy, who was able to close the mortgage using forex trading, asked himself the same questions and looked at the indicators from the other side.

What he came to me just struck me. His strategy gives very accurate entry signals on any chart, for any period of time, whether yesterday or 10 years ago.

This strategy does not need to be tailored to the story; it always works in any markets. Without hesitation, we decided to write an automatic adviser and test this strategy on history. What we got shocked me.

We got a very accurate adviser, which did not allow a single losing month without the use of martingale! At the same time, the adviser does not require optimization (fitting to the history) and works on any chart.

How does the FISHER PRO advisor work?

Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 2

The EA uses several signals to enter a position. First, an analysis of the higher timeframes to determine the global trend. Further, the adviser waits for signals on a lower timeframe. The adviser implements 2 modes of work.

Mode 1  is the opening and closing of “fast” deals.

Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 3

We opened a position by a quick signal and quickly closed it by a reverse signal.

Mode 2  is an input by fast signals and closing by a global signal to reverse a large trend. The profit in this case is many times greater, but the drawdown in equity will be greater as the price goes 100-200 points up and down until it closes in the direction we need.

Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 4

How much can the adviser bring:

On conservative settings, the adviser is able to bring about 10-15% every month. With reinvestment, this is 435% per annum!

There are also settings for overclocking a deposit with an increased risk. These settings can accelerate the minimum deposit to 50-100% per month.

If you need a new generation tool that really makes money on a fully automatic machine, I recommend our FISHER PRO advisor!

The minimum deposit for the adviser to work is 50 USD!

A Few Facts About the FISHER PRO Advisor

–  Advisor does not use martingale

–  The EA has a built-in lot calculation system that has no analogues

–  Fully automatic trading

–  Ideal for PAMM account managers and private traders

– The  EA has protection against short-term loss of communication

We have created a forex adviser to Fisher (computer program). 

What is a forex advisor?

This is a computer program, which is installed in the appropriate section of the Metatrader 4 terminal and automatically performs the programmed actions on your account according to the chosen trading strategy.

Forex adviser Fisher is written in mql4 and is sold in compiled form in * .ex4 format with reference to the trading account.

The developer and author of the program is Kucher Roman Mikhailovich.

Lite  version A simplified version of the FISHER Expert Advisor. License for 5 trading accounts opened through our affiliate link. Limit on 10 currency pairs. Fixed lot of orders. Technical support 1 year.

PRO  version Full version of the FISHER Expert Advisor. License for 5 trading accounts opened anywhere. No limit on the number of currency pairs. Dynamic lot of orders increases profitability several times! Thus, the adviser completely chooses the optimal lot. Technical support 2 years.

Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 5
Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 6

Fisher Expert EA – Unlimited Version 7