12bot EA V1 52 Forex Robot

65 / 100

12bot EA V1 52 Forex Robot 1

12bot EA V1 52 Forex Robot

Expert information

Trading method : Correlation
Minimum balance : $ 200
Recomended balance : $ 2500
Leverage : 1/500
Expected Growth : 20%-30% per week
Full Auto : Yes
Purpose : Rebate/Speculation

12bot EA V1 52 Forex Robot 2

Q: What is the average growth rate per month?
A: We can call the figure 100% to 200% every month with a weekly average of 30%.

Q: Is using the 12Bot EA guaranteed safe and profitable?
A: We do not guarantee the results will always be 100% profit, because the algo in it is a condition to determine the cut loss.
For security, we have provided the maximum set which does not need to be reset by the user.

Q: What is the start capital balance for this ea?
A: Only with a minimum of $ 200 can use this ea, but we recommend a maximum of $ 2500.

Q: Does this ea have to be installed in every pair that is inputted?
A: This EA has been integrated with multi-pair algo, therefore this EA is only enough to be installed on one chart, it’s just that in the market watch you have to show all pairs.

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