EA Robominer FX Forex Robot

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EA Robominer FX Forex Robot 1

EA RobominerFX is a forex EA that uses a straddle arbitrage system, which is a trading system that works by comparing prices between 2 brokers and if there is a price GAP between the two brokers, this EA will create 2 virtual pending orders, namely virtual pending buystop and virtual pending sellstop as the straddle .
Entry point
1. Gap price of 2 brokers (Action Point).
2. Virtual pending stop orders (virtual buystop and virtual sellstop) as straddle.


Exit Point
1. Stop loss and Takeprofit
2. Hidden
Stop loss
and Hidden Takeprofit 3. Trailling Stop 4. Virtual Trailling Stop
Criteria for brokers and datafeed server brokers
Basically, EA RobominerFX only needs a GAP between 2 brokers, so it is no longer important to implement a fast broker as a server or vice versa. This is because when there is a GAP between the two brokers, this EA will install a virtual buystop and virtual sellstop simultaneously, so that wherever the market direction will still be exposed to the straddle of this EA. That is one of the benefits of the trading system used by EA RobominerFX.

RobominerFX EA display

EA Robominer FX Forex Robot 2

RobominerFXServer view

EA Robominer FX Forex Robot 3

EA Robominer FX Forex Robot 4

NOTE: When attaching EA to the chart, try to disable EA first. So when we connect to the server, we can see the different prices shown on the chart first. If the price difference is very significant, we need to do a calibration first using ask and bid correction so that the price difference between the two brokers is almost the same or close to zero.