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The Assar Phoenix Elite forex robot is a fully automated Expert Advisor for MT4 by the Assar Elite Developer. It is one of the most profitable trend following strategy. This amazing tool has been researched, analyzed, and tested over a period of 5 years. It works based on “nanningbob’s Holy Grail Indicator” also Called the HGI.

This EA was originally developed in 2020 for developer’s copy services. It has shown exceptional results and built a client base of over 300 people. This is the Assar Phoenix Elite 2022 Updated version.

So what is this Holy Grail Indicator
So what makes the HGI Indicator different than all the other systems and ideas out there on the market? Well, HGI gives four types of signals. Visit Here to learn more about this indicator and how to use it to trade manually.

HGI offers five trading methods to cater to all market conditions.

Trend trading
TMA is detecting the market moving into a strong trend and uses large arrows to indicate this. A large green arrow for an uptrend large red arrow for a downtrend.
Breakout or trend re-entry trading – RAD trading
These trades are indicated by the small diagonal red (sell) and green (buy) arrows. This may be the breakout that happens after the market has ranged for a while, or it may be the resumption of the previous trend after a pause.
Multi-level Trend and RAD trades.
These are extraordinarily profitable. APE sends a Trend buy for example. He also sends pending buy-stop trades on each 20 level – 118.2, 118.4, 118.6, etc. Each trade has a 30-pip take profit, so there is a 10 pip overlap but only ever two multi-level trades open at a time.
Wavy line trading
This is multi-level trading by sending pending trades as soon as a blue wavy line appears at each 20 level. APE sends pending buy trades when the market is above the line, and sell trades when below. You have the option of making the first trade either an immediate market trade or a pending one.
Combined Trend and Wavy line trading
This combination of signals is the strongest. Imagine you have both a large green arrow and low blue wavy lines both at the same time. That is a combined Trend and Wavy line trading.
There are three different versions of this EA to trade these types of signals from the HGI Indicator. Assar Phoenix Elite EA trades all except Range trading.

Assar Phoenix Elite With Golden Average and Rad or Trend Exits
Assar Phoenix Elite With Golden Average and Yellow Wave Exit
Assar Phoenix With Golden Average and Blue Wave Exit
The great thing about this strategy is that you guys can use it how you want to use it. You can trade as many pairs as you want or as little as you want, with any amount of money and lots you want to use. You have full access to all of the options to allow you to pick your signals and your exits.

USE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS if you are a beginner at trading forex. If you don’t understand stop trails, trends, ranges, yield, or risk management, then do not change anything inside of the Phoenix.

It also included four different trade manager tools. These are the developer’s best trade managers. There’s a time filter in there, an equity target manager, an equity percentage target manager, and an individual trade manager that will hide your trailing stops and take profits.

Assar Auto Trading Time Filter
Assar Elite Equity Target
Assar Equity Percentage Target
Assar Individual Trade Manager (hidden trailing)

Recommendations on Assar Phoenix Elite Robot
Minimum Account balance of 100$ standard account. (It even could run on smaller accounts)
Work Best on Major Currency pairs. (Work on any currency pair)
Be careful with those high-range pairs. Try not to trade aggressively because the trend can change at any moment and very fast.
Work Only on H1, and H4.
Serial Key: 0555b084-744f-3680-37ee-9049767ce4f9
Unfortunately, This EA doesn’t work on strategy tester.
To reach stable results, ThisAssar Elite EA should work on VPS without any interruption 24/7. So we recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)

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