FX TRENDROIDN – Fixed Version forex robot

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Hi Forex Friends ,
Today I share with you a New Trading Robot , Is FX TRENDROID :

FX TRENDROIDN – Fixed Version forex robot 2

FX Trendroid is coded in 2016 based on some most important MT4 indicators like Stochastic, Moving Averages, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Support Resistance, Trend Line and a large number of price data analysis. This robot is designed for all time frames M5 to D1 and that time FX Trendroid used to generate 20% to 30% return on monthly basis, but currently trading strategy has been updated according to time. ​

FX Trendroid (updated version) is going on right now. This powerful EA is properly coded with Stop Loss, Take Profit in stealth mode. Every MT4 broker allows this software because this is not any Scalper or Arbitrage strategies based, as well it’s not depend on the spreads and the execution speed. It’s a pure swing trader robot that an average takes 1 to 7 trades per week and grabs big PIPS within a single trade. Based on last +3 years records we found FX Trendroid really can make Monthly 50% to 70% secure profit on your deposit balance or investments, and normal DD percentage is 15% to 20% during the operation.

FX Trendroid is such a powerful auto trading tool that makes profit quickly and makes the investment growth steady. The new version (FX Trendroid) is specially designed for all types of traders including small and big traders. EA works very well on all MT4 account types and minimum $90 deposit is needed. This is 24/5 running robot and no need stop it during High Impacted Data releasing time. This strategy can handle all market situations and conditions itself easily.

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FX Trendroid Setting :

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Verified Trading Results
Click on the given links for checking verified FX Trendroid trading results under Myfxbook. Please Note: Published results are on Myfxbook has taken from existing client who shared his Myfxbook with us. Existing clients can share their Investor Passwords to published their results on channel and Myfxbook. Name of the clients, Account Numbers, Investor Passwords and Contact details would neither be shared with any third parties nor used as advertisement without clients permission thanks !

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