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stenvall invest forex robot is a fully automatic trading robot that does not require the intervention of a trader is divided into control blocks that contain more than 70 smart functions for controlling the trading process.

How is Stenvall Invest better than others EA ?

We do not use a beautiful word with pictures without confirmation of facts, Stenvall Invest is really the most a technological EA that has a complex code:
Automatic parsing of analytical data to select the best trading mode;
Three trading modes:
SL Protection – The safest mode, in this mode, the EA protects all positions with a real stop loss that changes every day and is 1/2 of the daily range, but no more than 500 pips. (50.0);
AUTO – This mode includes 5 modes:
SL Protection(described above)
SAFE(changes in the strategies, more rare trades more safety)
CAREFUL(effective trading but with enhanced protection methods)
ACTIVE(all functions are aimed at making a profit, the risks are increased)

Each mode is enabled automatically in live trading, depending on the current market situation. You can’t simulate this process in testing.

Custom: custom settings mode;

Real signal with a history of more than 1.8 years;

Own server for news and an innovative online trading control system:
In addition to the usual news calendar, Stenvall Invest has a unique online filter that blocks trading during important events. You don’t need to disable/enable trading, Stenvall Invest will do everything automatically;
Remote notification system, where you will receive the necessary messages directly to the EURUSD chart without visiting other resources and searching for information;
The Smart system of fixing a profit/loss read more – HERE;
Does not use fake strategies that show excellent results in backtesting but in reality destroy the deposit, such as:
Pulsed (micro-scalping on the large candle during high volatility);
Breakout levels (micro breakout levels to get 1-2 pips);
Rollover trading (trading from 23 to 00 hours during spread expansion);
Does not use dangerous strategies such as:
Lot increase;

You can only feel the advantage of the EA Stenvall Invest at long distances, so it is most suitable for signal providers and personal long-term investments;
EA Stenvall Invest has anti-piracy protection, do not purchase it outside of MQL.
If you need maximum safety, choose SL Protection mode;
Join our community GoGoPips, here share free EA and tell how to distinguish good from bad EA;
If you have a 4K or 2K monitor and the info-panel is not displayed correctly, it is easy to fix it in 1 minute, read more here


Account type: hedging(if you have a netting account – write me a message)
Leverage: any;
Speed of execution: no matter, the holding time is 1-4 hours;
Currency of account: any, default settings for USD or EUR;
Compatibility with other EA: yes;
VPS: no need;
Minimum deposit: 100 USD;
Maximal spread: 15 (If you have more, write to me and I will give you the settings)

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