Simple System – Time-Frame 15 Forex

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Simple System – Time-Frame 15 Forex 1

After a protracted wait…i lastly introduce you to a brand new technique.That is confirmed to be 80 p.c worthwhile for me.

Sorry for my english..its not my mom tongue.


This technique relies purely on value motion.nevertheless simply to verify the identical we are going to look the place the value is bouncing off from.for instance on any timeframe the 200 EMA could be very effectively this technique we use solely 15min timeframe.why coz lower than 15min gives you extra fakeys and greater than this can take big stoploss which isn’t pleased with me.since i dont commerce in thousands and thousands..what we try to do right here is to make most cash with little investement.

I’ll clarify intimately find out how to take these bounce trades after the TDI affirmation. I don’t consider in including lot of MA as it should spoil the look of the chart.The time we are going to search for trades is after the LONDON market opens..why?that’s when extra money will come to the market.extra money means extra momentum extra momentum means extra pips.extra pips extra money you’ll be able to take residence.


We’ll look ahead to the LONDON to open.after it opens we are going to search for trades AWAY from the 200 EMA.thre are multiple setup..however for the rookies of this technique.please observe your eyes for this one setup and later I’ll elaborate on the opposite setups.Earlier than you’re taking a commerce the value ought to shut under the 10EMA for brief and above 10EMA for lengthy.
SL is 20 Pips TP is upto a dealer chances are you’ll let it run until the tdi crosses again.or chances are you’ll shut at 1:1 upto you. As many different system even this has failure at very excessive unstable occasions.please demo it demo it demo it..until you change into in line with this technique. I transfer my cease to BE after 12 pips..i don’t need to give the pips again the market whats in my no means threat greater than 2 % on a single commerce

This can be very straightforward for those who already buying and selling utilizing TDI.For this setup the TDI GREEN ought to cross the Yellow line.Please learn dean Malone TDI utilization information for extra info on TDI..Later we will speak about re entries and different setups later coz it should confuse all of the newbies..see under for the chart hooked up

1)200 EMA ( 1HR 50EMA)
2)800 EMA ( 4HR 50 EMA)
3) 10EMA
4)Spherical quantity indicator
5)Buying and selling Time Indicator

Simple System – Time-Frame 15 Forex 2

it is a reentry commerce the sign was for promote coz the value was under the 200ema and the value was additionally bouncing off the Spherical quantity was hesitating to interrupt that stage..and as anticipated it lastly broke down.

Simple System – Time-Frame 15 Forex 3

ere you go mate..the settings for the tdi is default…no want to alter something…lemme knw if u want any assistHooked up Recordsdata

Simple System – Time-Frame 15 Forex 4