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Shizuka ea forex robot is an advisor we have been working on for the last 4 months. Based on two strategies: Crossover 3MA: you can choose from 5 available MAS (MA, EMA, SMMA, WMA or HMA). Price Action: Because we want to make sure that after the crossover has occurred, we confirm the signal using price action, spotting patrons, calculating resistance and support. Features and Money Management 5 minutes or 15 minutes for scalpers and 1 hour trading for Swingers Martingale ADDITIONALLY Limit the maximum number of orders you can place. hedging is available when the market continues to move in the opposite direction to our open trades. Optional: Install TP and SL

risk only% of your total capital, when all orders are reached, they will be closed. Trailing Stop – either to limit the time during which an order can be opened. For example, if you want a trade to last no more than 48 hours. Now you can do it. The default moving average configuration works on most pairs, but feel free to test the EA on history and play with the money management functions.

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