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Ruxzo forex robot This is a fully automated trading robot that has several trading modes:

Ultra mode the trading is 24/5 with the use of online filters. It is not possible to test this strategy on history because the basket filtering method is used (7 EUR symbols);
Real Profit: 5-15% per month;
Take profit: 3-10% from ATR;
Stop-Loss: 5-20%, “Smart Fix” is a hidden from the broker stop loss, successfully used for 2 years on the EA Stenvall Invest;
Trading activity: 20-40 trades per week;
Strategy modeling: 2000-2021 year;
Minimum deposit: 50 USD;
Symbols: EURUSD;

to get support and the necessary sets, you need to confirm your official purchase on MQL5.

Why Ruxzo is better than others EA:
Own dedicated server, for proper news loading and timely notification;

No marketing gimmicks, really one of the most technologically EA;

Proof of actual performance;

I recommend the best broker

Account type: hedging or netting;
Leverage: form 1:50;
Speed of execution: any;
Currency of account: any;
Compatibility with other EA: yes;
Minimum deposit: 50 USD;
Maximal spread: 15 for major 25 for minor;

If you are a beginner and you need help, just write a PM or email and I will be happy to help you.

fix lot – lot;
risk – risk per position;
take-profit pips – take profit in pips;
stop-loss fix – stop loss;
Many settings are similar to the settings of Stenvall EAs, but still have a difference. A full description of the settings will be ready soon so that everyone can create their own set.

If you have problems displaying the panel, read how to fix it quickly – READ

If you read this inscription not on the MQL5 site, then this is a scam! This EA is not sold anywhere except for MQL5.

Ruxzo has additional protection against piracy. You will not be able to use it on pirated VPS or VM. Any attempt will be detected and your account may be blocked with all other products.

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