Royal Trend Scanner Forex

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When trading the Forex Markets, you need to quickly react to price movements – you don’t have the time to open multiple charts and check all the timeframes. You need to spot a good entry signal fast and take the entry

That’s why Pro4x developed the ultimate Forex Trading tool: Pattern Scanner. It automatically sends audio alerts, popup message, push or email – every time it finds your entry signal.

Pattern Scanner runs in the background on one chart, and constantly scans the markets looking for your best setups. This leaves you with the time to focus on what you do best: trading and making profitable moves, instead of losing precious time with chart-checking.

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Want to know what the Pattern Scanner can do for you?

  • scans up to 40 pairs, and 6 time frames
  • scans the 6 time frames for up to 9 entry signals
  • shows the current spreads and ADR
  • sets the time of day that audible alerts are issued (no alerts at midnight)
  • click and a chart will be loaded with your template
  • shows strength of each pair.

Pattern Scanner will save you hundreds of dollars in time, and you’ll be closer to making thousands of dollars in more efficient trading.