Ranger EA V3 forex Robot

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Ranger EA V3 forex Robot 1

The Ranger Forex EA V2.3 is 6X more profitable than V1 and is the best EA we’ve ever created with over 13 years of profitable backtest trading history. It’s been in development for over 6 years. It looks for the best range trading opportunities using a 2 indicator combination system. The Ranger Forex EA V2.3 can make profit every single month and has had only over 10 months of profitable forward trading history! It uses an intelligent hedging money management system across multiple pairs and looks for these accurate trading opportunities weekly. It’s an EA with the long-term investor in mind.

Backtesting data shows no losing months in 10 years!
Projected monthly profit of 5-10% a month (default settings)
Trades every week
Trades the GBPCAD, AUDCAD & NZDCAD like a pro.
Uses hedging techniques to turn losing trades into winners
Makes a profit every month
Finds the best places to range trade the market
Trades better than most humans!
FIFO compliant

Ranger EA V3 forex Robot 2

Ranger EA V3 forex Robot 3