order block breaker indicator

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order block breaker indicator

The order block breaker indicator identifies when a trend or price move is approaching exhaustion and ready to reverse. It alerts you to changes in market structure which typically occur when a reversal or major pullback are about to happen.

The indicator uses a proprietary calculation which identifies breakouts and price momentum. Every time a new high is formed near a possible exhaustion point the indicator draws in the last order block responsible for creating that high. It will then trail the order block along with price as it moves. It then alerts you when price shifts the opposite direction and breaks through that order block, creating a new market structure and start of a possible reversal in trend or major pullback.

Order blocks are the last opposite coloured candle before the highs/lows are created and when price breaks back down below these key areas it is a sign of a likely short or long term reversal in trend.

_Alerts you to changes in market structure at key exhaustion points
_Automatically draws in order blocks as price approaches exhaustion levels
_View order blocks & breakers from higher timeframes (i.e H4 order blocks on M15 chart)
_Trails the order block behind price as moves continue in one direction to alert you the best reversal entries
_Changes colour to a solid block to show when breaks in market structure have occurred.
_Works on all symbols and timeframes
_Integrated pop-up and email alerts built in

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