MTF HA HTID System forex

MTF HA HTID System forex 1

it solely requires 2 indicators and 2 timeframes to commerce. (can use 3 timeframes if not sure of sign)

ha candles and htid indicator. That’s all.

Htid is in exe so i have no idea how it’s calculated.

Timeframe for pattern is: 30 minute chart

timeframe for commerce entry is: 5 minute chart

guidelines for entry:

Lengthy commerce : 30 minute chart determine pattern

ha candles are blue and htid is blue, drop all the way down to 5 minute chart.

Enter commerce on the shut of the 5 minute candle if each the ha candle and htid bars are blue.

If not, watch for situation to be met then enter the commerce.

Reverse for brief commerce.

I take advantage of stoplosses of largest swing low or excessive on 5 minute chart that’s over 15 pips minimal. Most instances it’s 20 or higher.

Works excellent at session opens.

Don’t ask me for stats or information!!!! Commerce it your self for every week and you will notice how good it’s.

Follow the foundations and do not add indicators. It’s a lot good as it’s.

Right here is an instance of the 30 minute pattern chart