Martingale Manager EA – SEMI AUTO – Good Profit

Hi Dears Forex Friend,
Martingale Manager EA Description :

Basic martingale they will open multiple lot size if first-order facing loss or mistake
Suggestion of using;

  1. As all known, martingale required a certain amount of deposit. 1000 : 0.01
  2. You DO NOT want to trade multiple trades. 1 Trade a day
  3. You DO NOT want to trade at any time. GMT 8:00 to 8:30 or GMT 12:00 – 12:30
  4. Time Frame setting. M5
  5. Take Profit setting. 10 pips
  6. Trailing setting. OFF
  7. Trading during news time. Trade just few minutes before news or 30 mins after news.
  8. How to determine Long or Short? follow the trend line trading strategy (MA10 & MA144)
  9. Entering of trade. Enter at the pullback (not at the peak nor valley)
  10. Target profit at 0.1% per day

This is a semi-auto EA. The trader is to place your first trade according to your analysis, and EA will take care till it TP. By following the suggestion above, you can rest assure of 90 days 100% profit trade every day.

In this EA, you will open the 1st trade, then EA will automatically set the TP for you.
If your analysis is accurate, your trade will TP.
if the price go against you, EA will auto manage to open 2nd trades with a lotsize 1.3 rate. This will bring your TP line closer.
Then when the price movement return to your favorable direction, you get TP.

I am going to share 1 of my trading strategy, hope that it may be helpful to you as a reference.
Fast Moving Average (10) & Slow Moving Average (144)

Long trade setup:

  1. It is a bull candle & is above FMA in D1 chart.
  2. It is above FMA in H1 chart.
  3. FMA is above SMA in M5 chart.
  4. FMA cross SMA in M1 chart.

Entry is placed when setup #4 occurs. Short trade is just vice versa

Trade when the market is active.
Many time trading at the inactive period is not profitable, especially for day-trader.
Trade when the market is active, when the price movement and volume is high, with the Semi-Auto tools, most likely you will get your trade TP.

Martingale Manager EA Results