Gann-Duras Indicator – FOREX Russian Trading Tool -Unlimited Version

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Gann-Duras Indicator Descreption :

The Gann-duras indicator for MT4 includes tools for building FVG-GANN 1.0-5.0 on all trading systems of Nikolai Yeremeyev . Plus, improved versions: the Color Levels panel for building graphic objects and the Vadimcha channel indicator . I did not embed the Mandelbrot grid and Gann reversal dates in the indicator. And also there are no various unnecessary additions from the original Eremeev indicator.

# Constructing vibration zones FVG-Gann 1. Various additional settings for convenience. Several options for displaying an information window or a line with vibrations. It is possible to select a period for calculating vibrations. Those. You can more accurately select vibrations for certain characters.

# Additional tools from FVG-Gann 2 to work on the square 12. Daily, weekly, monthly, annual levels. Gann angles. Filtering level.

# Building vectors and zones according to FVG-Gann 3. I made a rather convenient system of placing points of vectors for building zones. Move the cursor to the extremum and press the button to set the vector point (by default, button 3). Repeat by setting all 3 points according to the trading system. After that, the zones are drawn. Then you can set the 4th point for building the correction zone (by default, button 4). If the correction zone breaks through and the price fixes there, then move the cursor to the 4th point and press the key to set the 3rd point. After that, all zones will be redrawn.

# Building zones according to FVG-Gann 4 (5). Lots of settings. You can conveniently configure everything. It is possible to set the display of several zones at the same time and set the condition for their display. Building a fiber mesh for goals.

# An improved version of the channel indicator Vadimcha. Various errors were fixed and the indicator immediately redraws the levels when moving points on the chart.

# Made his own version of ColorLevels for drawing rectangles and lines. You can set the number of objects on the panel and set the type of each object (line, frame or filled rectangle). Settings for colors, thickness, etc.

# Everywhere a bunch of different small settings for complete customization. Color, thickness, line type, color fill, etc. All zones can be enlarged or deleted by moving the cursor and pressing the hot key. To reduce the zone, left-click on the zone in the place to where you want to reduce the zone and press the hot key (TAB by default). There is a hotkey combination for deleting all objects from the chart (CTRL + Delete by default).

# Alerts and sending notifications to mail or to a mobile MT4 when the price enters the zone.

Gann-Duras Indicator Settings:

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