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forex math secrets forex robot, using advanced trade logic, this automated trading system finds the most likely trade based on indicators used in the algorithm. Signal calculations are based on indicators and mathematics used in the EA. The result is that this EA gives a more accurate ranking of winning trades.
The new expert advisor is based on newly developed innovative technology, which allows it to load on the chart without changing anything. It will do all the calculations based on the market movements and will open orders and close them in profit. A trading robot constantly monitors the market to find the perfect entry point. At this point, the EA will execute a real trade.
• $ 1000 initial capital • Standard Account 1: 300

Pair: EU Parameter: I tweak a bit but keep almost a default end trade:24 distance: 2.0 multiplier: 1.5

• Execute the given EA on the following pairs: EUROUSD (NOTE: Each Robot is named with its related
pair in the package) • On MT4 platform (M1,H4), select the recommended TF 1M to 4H. • To get the best performance, use one of our recommended brokers. Spreads should be less than 10 points.
Please note that, Forex Math Secrets Robot is Smart, several trades will be opened, you may see that some will go to the side, do not panic, that is how it works, and it will close them in profit or with a minimum loss. You should use the demo account for atleast a month and see how it performs. If you are satisfied with the result you have seen, then go for the real account. P/s: more balance less risk Happy and Safe Trading!!!

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