Fibot Fibonacci EA forex robot

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Fibot Fibonacci EA forex robot 1

Fibot Fibonacci EA forex robot is a fully automated Fibonacci EA that is Free to Download. It presents a High Operating Frequency. Its trading is based on the famous Fibonacci levels. The entrance is carried out by breaking through correctional level 38.2. The robot can trade both using the martingale system and without it, using hard SL and TP settings, opening only one trade.

The Fibonacci Forex EA only opens a buy or sell order after a strong market activity has formed. The robot has more than 60 settings so that you can efficiently manage your trading strategy.

This Scalping Dong requires a VPS with a fast response and a broker with a low spread, preferably zero, since the EA scalps mostly 10-15 pips per trade, and they generally last an hour or two. Still, sometimes there are long trades that last for a day or two.

Ind Scalper can get a bit risky sometimes since it utilizes the martingale sometimes (you can disable or adjust it in the input parameters). How Much Profit you can make monthly depends on your lot size and risk value.

Recommendations for this Fibonacci EA
Minimum Account balance of 1000$ (10$ Cent) in the H1 Time Frame or 300$ in the H4 TimeFrame. (It even can work with 100$ reasonably well)
Work Best on EURUSD and GBPUSD(Work on any currency pair)
Work best on H1 and H4 (Work on any time frame)
To reach stable results, This Fibonacci Forex EA should work on VPS without any interruption with low latency. So we Highly Recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
Reliable broker with minimal spreads and high order execution speed

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