CRB Alien New Forex Trading system

CRB Alien New Forex Trading system 1


  1. Be good to one another,we’re all right here for similar cause to make and take cash from banks (and everyone knows how merciless this bussiness might be)
  2. Respect one another as a result of everybody right here passess totally different tales so with out assist and this nice neighborhood all of us would not be right here now
  3. I can be harsh however truthful (that implies that I’ll bann everybody who will attempt to make issues,or provoke members)
  4. Learn the thread and do not ask questions that has already been aswered!
  5. You should have just one warning and after that may bann you queitly!
  6. I’m robust believer that there’s not dangerous or good factor in foreign exchange solely the view of every particular person so it’s actually silly to argue of stuff about cash administration,cease loss factor or one thing!
  7. Respect the title of thread and submit ONLY about fixed vary….no renko,no candles,no the rest than CRB!


Until now I’ve been combating candles and many alternative timeframes and that i come to conclusion that I’m all for specifical transfer not in what timeframe will that transfer occur,however for my buying and selling this wasn’t enought,one thing was lacking so I added 1 extra chart and my outcomes improved however nonetheless not full stuffed.Than i added one other one to see complete story and applied to my wants,and I’m completely satisfied now! CRB Alien New Forex Trading

So now I exploit 3 charts for 1 pair (a lot significantly better than 9 tf charts is not it?)

Long run brick dimension 45 giving me general image of what foreign money pair doing!
Medium time period brick dimension 20 which connecting longer vs.shorter understanding!
Quick time period brick dimension 8 to provide entry and exit out there!

So 9 charts of every foreign money pairs i narrowed in solely 3 so 45 is analogous like day by day strikes,20 is analogous like 1h-4h and 8 chart might be hyperlink to 15 min chart so that you see that I wish to commerce intraday!

1.CRB are a lot much less delicate than candles so should you see good alternative it has extra likelihood that you’ll catch transfer,however petientce is required for that offcourse;

  1. It’s simpler and cleaner for our eyes than candles

1.You may miss transfer bacause it isn’t based mostly on any timeframe so you aren’t getting alternative to enter once more!

  1. You want extra display time as a result of you do not know when transfer can ocured!

Okay now we now have charts so could be good to inform one thing about MM and pairs that I’m utilizing!


  1. Eur/Usd Eur/Aud Eur/Nzd Eur/Jpy Eur/Cad -euro sector
  2. Gbp/Usd Gbp/Aud Gbp/Nzd Gbp/Jpy Gbp/Cad Gbp/Chf -cable sector
  3. Aud/Cad Aud/Jpy Aud/Usd Aud/Nzd -aussie sector
  4. Nzd/Usd Cad/Jpy Nzd/Jpy Usd/Jpy Usd/Cad -rest sector

It’s 20 pairs and that i put them in sectors so simpler understanding!
Those that use offline charts know that metaquotes had awfull supply for offline so offcourse we can not use many pairs as a result of our charts would decelerate and we can not go into deep historical past so I hope sooner or later metaquote will resolve this issuess,until now we should commerce with what we now have!

So each weekend i do analyse of 20 pairs and decide 5-7 greatest trying ones (that a lot i can comply with with out techicall drawback on 2 displays!)

HINT: is that you just discover greatest pair of each sector that you’d comply with + 1 or 2 extra since you do not need to caught in 2 comparable pairs and lose twice!
HINT: on a regular basis after buying and selling day go throught all pairs possibly you need to change one thing over week!

After you could have your pairs prepared and also you do your analyse on 45 and 20 chart you coming into on 8 chart

Cease loss:
Cease loss is normally 20-30 pips rely on pair and my plan is to danger 1% to get 2% on every commerce

HINT:you do not have to danger extra as a result of if you’re proper than PA will transfer in your favor,should you not 20-30 pips on 8 chart is enought,you will note throught time and in 80% of instances it’s on swing low or excessive

This isn’t set within the stone as a result of I’m nonetheless engaged on cash administration however for now it’s this one

Take revenue:
Tp is twice the cease loss so 1:2 danger reward ratio however it’s good to make use of trailing cease so in case your commerce goes in your favor let’s imagine 5 pips,you progress your cease loss on -15 so that you lose much less easy as that

As we use momentum pa will transfer or wouldn’t so until now assume that this MM is sweet

HINT:You need not power something,be endurance and % will come.Suppose like this in case you have 7 trades per week,it’s 28 trades monthly so with solely 50% strike price you’ll earn 15% in month after compounding in few month you can be free!

On objective I do not need to discuss extra month-to-month 50% as a result of consistency is necessary if you wish to be good dealer not 1 month 50% subsequent -20%! CRB Alien New Forex Trading

And if we use trailing that quantity could be ven increased so odds are in your favour (and hopefully you should have greater than 50% strike price as this technique definately present it)

In case you are patientce and self-discipline enought to attend solely A alternatives you want solely 4 trades per week with 3 good ones and 1 dangerous with 20% month-to-month! CRB Alien New Forex Trading
These at professional degree could have much more however one step at a time!

I commerce from Frankfurt open until London shut generally 1 or 2 hours extra however many time much less as a result of at that interval market strikes quicker!

It’s exhausting for me to elucidate all this in first web page however those that learn Alien technique learn about guidelines and to different i counsel to learn it additionally earlier than you come and commerce CRB

We’ve higher alternatives and never that good ones!
Throught time we’ll go along with setups and since market repeat this time and again it’s as much as you when you’ll discovered it!


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