Crazy Lock Forex Robot

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Crazy Lock Forex Robot 1

Recommended deposit: 20,000 money (min.10,000)
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: Doesn’t matter
Trading time: European session, at the American one finalizing the opened deals
Description of the strategy.Crazy Lock Forex Robot

Since 2013, on many sites, an adviser developed by me by the crazy name Crazy Lock has been actively discussed. The idea of the robot came to me when I was discussing how to make money on any market movement, in whatever direction it moves. The strategy of locking martingale (or Swing, Swing) was taken as a basis. Now I want to present you a modified and more functional version of this robot.
The bottom line is this. 1. We trade only during the hours of the active phase of the market so as not to get into a protracted flat and not to collect many orders. I also recommend disabling the advisor on holidays in Europe and America, when most likely the market will not be very active, it is also better not to trade during Non Farm paroles (US employment data release. Release date: Friday following the first Wednesday of the month), the market may not be predictable, the Expert Advisor simply may not have time to place orders correctly. 2. To launch the strategy at a specified time interval, start looking at the ATR indicator, which shows the average volatility. As soon as the indicator turns into growth, we enter the market in the direction of the signal candle. 3. For the first order, place a profit of 10 points and immediately an opposite order at a distance of 20 points from the first order in a 2.2 times larger lot. 4. If the market does not move in the direction of the first order, but opens an opposite order, then we place the Take Profit of the second order at a distance of 30 points. We also place the stop of the first order there. Thus, with the simultaneous closing of two deals in total, we will get a positive trading result. 5. If the market catches the second order, immediately place another opposite one, also increasing the lot by 2.2. And so on ad infinitum, until the market reaches profit. In practice, more than 9 orders are not required, the market starts to move somewhere and allows you to close the profit in total for all orders.

6. In addition to the first order channel, we can open additional channels. Immediately, as soon as we opened the first order at a distance of 10 points from it, we place a pending order to launch another channel next to the already open one. We open it at a distance so that the channels do not coincide.
Thus, we collect profit in any scenario, no matter which direction the price goes, we turn over and take the profit. The main thing is that the price does not move in a small channel of 35-55 points for a long time. This is unlikely given the current market dynamics. The main thing is to look at the economic calendar in time and turn off the advisor on holidays and when there is no news on the market in Europe and America. Well, if there is news, then most likely they will move the market somewhere.
What is there in this version that is not in the one that has already spread over the Internet? 1. Now you can turn off the filter by trading time and start the robot for round-the-clock trading.
2. You can choose several strategies to start at the beginning of the day.
3. The parameters of the ATR indicator are displayed in external settings.

Continuation Order Type – sets the type of order to continue trading
First TakeProfit – the size of the first TakeProfit
Channel size and second TakeProfit – the size of the channel and the second TakeProfit
Distance to the next channels – distance to the next channel
MM (% from balance) – money management (percentage of the first order from the deposit)
Lot – the size of the initial lot (0 – calculated from based on the balance and MM)
Max. number of channel orders – maximum number of orders in the channel
MagicNumber – unique number of the advisor
Enable trading time – enable trading by time

Trading start time – trading start time
Trading end time-trading end time
Start strategy – starting strategy
Timeframe – indicator timeframe
Selected direction – select the opening direction (with Start strategy = Selected direction)
ATR period – period of the ATR indicator
ATR power-on level – ATR level for starting the advisor

Crazy Lock Forex Robot 2