BTC And GOLD Forex Robot

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BTC And GOLD Forex Robot, With EA, you will not lose more than 1% per day. This is an automatic trading bot. Its goal is to make a minimum of 15% per month. It is a gold market (XAUUSD) and BTC robot.
The trading solution is designed to focus on the gold and bitcoin markets.
Monthly passive income averaging 15%.
A strong track record: Over 18 months in a real market environment.
Make a minimum investment of $250 to begin your experience.

The broker should have low fees, low swaps, and also a fast server. The Trader EA works with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients use one of the best brokers listed below:

TF (15M)
Complete Risk Management
Fully Automated Forex Trading System
100% automated
No Experience Needed

In the end, no matter how everything goes, the robot is programmed to compensate for the day’s loss the next day ( almost every day with a negative result is followed by a positive result that is higher than the loss of the day before).

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