B.O.S.S.Breakout Method Trading System

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B.O.S.S.Breakout Method Trading System 1

B.O.S.S.Breakout Method Trading System

Ok so now we have the chart template all ready to use we will now go into the rules for entering a chart with our 3 indicators.

As with the original method I like to keep things as simple as possible, with clear rules of when to enter a trade.

his is why I have chosen the indicators we will be using, and got rid of unnecessary lines or colours on our boss 2 chart.

I have tried to make the chart we are using as simple to follow as possible.

Apologies for the set up being a little more complex than the original method but once you are set up the actual method is very easy to use.

As with the original Boss method we will be concentrating on the GBP/USD.

Ok we have changed all are indicators so that when they are changed to the upside they will be green and when on the downside they will be red.

We will not be looking to enter a trade until after 7am, on the IG index charts this will be when the 6.55 bar closes.(See PDF Manual)

B.O.S.S.Breakout Method Trading System 2