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Assar Phoenix Infinity Forex robot is a fully automated Expert Advisor for MT4 by the Forex Assar EA Developer. This particular version of the series solves many problems like early entry and early exits, Like The Assar Phoenix Elite Robot. It contains volatility filters and modified pending orders.

The new, improved version is much like the developer’s other EA called Hedged Infused Assar Phoenix Elite Robot. It allows for full hedging strategies. The only difference is that the hedged-infused APE does not use exit signals as its primary profit-taking method. It uses a basket profit method. It will take profit at the set amount of dollars or pips you input into it. Now I have a separate trade management EA that does this, which you can use alongside the new APE. However, this EA has exit signals and full hedging capability.

You’ll have a pending trade opened at every signal you get in the direction of the trend. You can set the number of trades you want to allow to open at once. By default, it’s allowing up to 1000 trades. If this is too high risk for you. Either trade fewer pairs or lower the number of trades allowed. This will lower your overall risk. Or just add more money to your account.

The market will have to move to your pending order to execute it. Meaning the market will have moved significantly in your favor. Your pending order entries are 20 pips away from the price. They are automatically set to trade at the *.20 price level within 20 pips from the price. If the price is ten pips away from the next *.20 level, the new Phoenix will put the pending order at the next 20 levels.

This was a problem with the old version of the APE. It would set the orders way too close to the price. So this has been modified. This will allow for a good amount of space between your order and price to get entry, as well as getting in at key price levels for better accuracy based on supply/demand rules.

This Assar Phoenix Infinity also work based on “nanningbob’s Holy Grail Indicator” also Called the HGI. Check out the assarv10team telegram channel to learn how this EA uses the HGI indicator to trade.

So what is this Holy Grail Indicator
So what makes the HGI Indicator different than all the other systems and ideas out there on the market? Well, HGI gives four types of signals. Visit Here to learn more about this indicator and how to use it to trade manually.

bination of signals is the strongest. Imagine you have both a large green arrow and low blue wavy lines both at the same time. That is a combined Trend and Wavy line trading.
It also included four different trade manager tools. These are the developer’s best trade managers. There’s a time filter in there, an equity target manager, an equity percentage target manager, and an individual trade manager that will hide your trailing stops and take profits.

Assar Auto Trading Time Filter
Assar Elite Equity Target
Assar Equity Percentage Target
Assar Individual Trade Manager (hidden trailing)
This is an entirely free EA without any restrictions made by the Assar Group telegram channel. In my opinion, this is one of the best EA from this developer.So show some love for The Assar team’s telegram channel.

Recommendations on Assar Phoenix Infinity EA
Minimum Account balance of 100$ standard account. (It even could run on smaller accounts)
Work Best on Major Currency pairs. (Work on any currency pair)
Work Only on H1 and H4.
Serial Key: 36b106da-b8b3-a56d-9a3f-ef1743a1bdbc
Unfortunately, This EA doesn’t work on strategy tester.
To reach stable results, This Assar EA should work on VPS without any interruption 24/7. So we recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS

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