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Advisor SkillFX forex-robot 1

I, on behalf of SkillFX EA customers, have used mindfulness and intelligence in EA evaluation

Subsequently bringing EA to make use of if injury to the buying and selling account

I’ve used EA to imagine that this settlement has been accepted.

All rights reserved. All EA bought are prohibited to be reproduced, modified.

Distribute advantages indicators along with their very own use I do know later.

A multi-currency adviser who made 80% of the deposit in 8 working days, with a drawdown of 14%, cured the adviser from greed, out of hand, out of restrict, that’s, it�s
higher to see as soon as than hear 100 instances, right here�s an funding entry
Primary info
– The identical logic for a similar open order v1.0
– Enhance break-even per day
1.UseBreakEvenDollar = false (true to make use of / false don’t use)
2.UseBreakEvenPerDay = false (if set to true. The adviser doesn’t have a brand new discovery after revenue right this moment = BreakEvenDollar)
3.BreakEvenDollar = 50 (break-even greenback.)
– Verify free margin for a brand new order
FreeMarginPercent = 50.0
Calculate: FreeMarginPercent = (free margin / steadiness) * 100
if FreeMarginPercent <50%, the advisor doesn’t open a brand new horde .
Enhance the time to open a brand new order (time dealer identify)
-Manually stopping buying and selling. (if set to true, there isn’t a new open order)
-V2.0 change the calculation of auto tons tons
lot = (FreeMargin * MaximumRisk) / 100 (V1.0)
lot = (FreeMargin * MaximumRisk) / 1000 (V2.1)
-V1.0 and V2.1 the adviser stops buying and selling on Friday and Monday begins buying and selling at 8:00 ( brokerage time).
-V2.1 Cease buying and selling on Friday. You need to use or not use (login setting)
LOGIN: 20611442

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