Tweezer Pro Indicator

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Tweezer Pro Indicator

The marker does what he was intended for: showing Tweezer designs. Try not to hope to follow the here and there bolts and bring in cash. Exchanging isn’t just basic. The Tweezer design is a beginning stage. The bolt is definitely not an affirmed BUY and SELL signal in itself. The Tweezer marker alarms you that the market may be at a defining moment now. Then, at that point you should utilize different components of your technique (pattern, energy, support/obstruction , instability , every day predisposition, and different markers) to affirm the sign and spot an exchange.

Settings (automatic/manual): you can either use the defaults settings optimized by Justin
Mueller (automatic) or use your own settings (manual).

TradeDirection (Long/Short/LongAndShort): you can filter signals and only show BUY signals (Long) or SELL signals (short). Default settings is LongAndShort (no filter).

TrendPeriod (20 as default): number of candles the indicator should look back to determine current trend direction.

CandleSize (0.5 as default): minimum size for candles to consider pattern as valid (0.0:no filter, 0.5:middle size candles, 1.0:big candles only).

TailSize (0.0 as default): minimum size for the tails to consider pattern as valid (0.0:no filter, 0.2:middle size tails, 0.4:big tails only).

TailCompareMode (Relative/Absolute): use size of candles (Relative) or size of tails themselves (Absolute) as a reference to compare tails sizes differences and valid the pattern.

SameTailsSize (0.9 as default): check accuracy of same candle wicks size to validate pattern (0.0:ignore wick size criterion, 0.8:strict same size, 0.9:very strict same size).

SameOpenClose (0.9 as default): check accuracy of same open and close for the candles (0.0:ignore criterion, 0.8:strict same open/close, 0.9:very strict same open/close).

Tweezer Pro Indicator 2

UseConfirmedSignals (true/false): generate alerts for confirmed signals (at the close of the bar). It is required to set this value to true if you want to receive confirmed signals alerts.

PopupAlerts (true/false): to enable alerts of type Popup window
EmailAlerts (true/false): to enable alerts of type Email
PushAlers (true/false): to enable alerts of type Push Notification
SoundAlerts (true/false): to enable alerts of type Sound
SoundFile: file to be used for sound alerts

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