TRACKER EA – Big Daily Profit

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TRACKER EA – Big Daily Profit 1

Good day,
You might have two TRACKER EA:
Connect EA on one M15 chart.
The primary TRACKERp means a optimistic correlation (two pairs which have the identical development eg: NZDJPY / AUDJPY).
The second TRACKERn means a detrimental correlation (two pairs with reverse development eg: EURUSD / USDCHF).
You probably have a prefix written in your pairs don’t forget to put in writing it.
For the second you could have the appropriate to make use of TRACKER solely with one correlation not a number of, eg place TRACKERn on the EURUSD solely and the EA robotically works with EURUSD / USDCHF in fact by writing the pairs on the parameters of the EA, in different methods don’t use the EA on EURUSD / USDCHF and EURGBP / JBPJPY and it’s the similar with TRACKERp.
For the revenue made calculate it your self with this manner, eg capital = 500 $
for a acquire of $ 0.5 calculate:
inpProfitPercent (0.001) x 500 = 0.5 $, in fact you may change the tons, andother parameters go away them by default.

TRACKER EA – Big Daily Profit 2

Attempt it on a demo account.
The TRACKER EA is completely free.
good luck