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A word on Geometric Trading: W.D. Gann and H. M. Gartley were two of the most successful traders of our time. Their discovery in the science of geometry in the markets is uncanny upon the forecasting of Time and Price reversals. General Guidelines: Those who care to join us & contribute you are welcome here. However, if you are going to post any charts on this thread, please briefly explain how you derived at your forecast so others may learn and not be confused. Trolls, Time Wasters, disruptors, rudeness and those with condescending talk and want to argue will be removed without notice. I have Zero tolerance for BS zero tolerance for negative comments. This thread is here because I want to give the little guy the opportunity to become wealthy if he so wants it. I will guess only 1% or less that come to this thread will be serious enough about they’re life and the direction it’s going to make a change to it better. It is recommended you have a minimum of two years trading experience to post on this thread.

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The Circumscribed Objective shown below I learned from reading books by W.D. Gann and Jerome Baumring, Beck and Jenkins
I do my analysis work using from Daily charts, it’s all I need, as I can scan all the markets for the stock or currency that meets the criteria I specify. I scan first for Gartley patterns detected. I’m not referring to just any harmonic patterns that the herd call Gartley patterns. Those are nothing more then harmonics of some sort. Gartley pattern must be symmetry, otherwise distorted patterns are the rode to ruin. Personally, one only needs a few patterns a month, that with the right filters in your toolkit and it’s a lock.

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Geometric Tools that I use in my toolkit: TRG, TCG, Wolf Wave, Beck’s Emblem, Quadrilateral, Andrews Pitchforks, Offset Squares (Tetrad), Time Price Vectors, Parallel Lines Circumscribed Objective, Circumcircle, Even/Odd Squares, Dyad/Arc, Lunar Cycles, Hadrians Wall, Aisha’s Trendline, ZBD, Trajan’s Trident, Volume, Relative Velocity, Squaring the High, Squaring the Low, Squaring the Range, Secret Angle, Flower of Life, Ellipse. Price Retracements, Price Expansion and more…. use Optuma Software for charts. If you want to requests a Trial Demo click on the link, https://optuma.com/UFM
Just remember, every indicator is lagging information. What I do is project what the future moves are to be based upon mathematics with odds of probability. Nature is always seeking perfection one might ask, how does it know? The markets are no different(why do you think Fibonacci levels work so well). Usually in my opinion forecasting when done properly and when the Money Makers do not mess with the market and disrupt the pattern flow, complete. Example: throw a pebble in a quiet pond, You notice perfect harmony in ripples. Then throw a big rock into the same pond upon the ripples in harmony, a total disruption of symmetry and harmony. The same applies to the market when MM enter the market. This thread is for those who want a successful trading career, not for bottom feeders.

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