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SanityScalperGlobal forex robot ,Great Time of the day MQL5 Traders

Here is the Guide for SanityScalperGlobal 2.0 version

Expert Advisor – Name and Version of Expert Advisor

Money_Management- this is beginning of Management Function

MM- Money Management Function True/ False

Risk_management (this is beginning of Risk Management Function )

RM- calculation of Risk Management based on Account balance

Account balance*RM/100000 = LOT

For example your balance 100,000 USD and RM = 0.33

Account balance 100000usd*0.33Risk= 33000 USD (or 0.33lot Entery)

TP1- Percent TP (All orders ), Max 0.1% Recommended

Calculation = Account balance* PercentTP All/100

For Example Acc 100000 USD* 0.1/100=100$ Take Profit

TP2- Percent TP ( Buy or Sell ), Max 0.15% Recommended ) THIS Function will be used for One side Buy or SELL will be closed at specific percent of take profit

For Example Total BUY positions has been reached 0.15% take profit and All BUY will be closed and Sell keep going,

Attention if Total Percent take profit has been reached before it closes all position, That is Why Expert Advisor has a power

News Filter Function Comes from officially from MQL5 economic calendar

Time_Filter- You can choice specific Time of the day

Starting time (Hours and Minutes)

Ending time (Hours and Minutes )

Interval- Special Distance settings In this function, You can easily build up your Positions Distance For Each specific positions At Each Specific Distance !!

1. Here it opens first 100 points distances 2 orders with candle delay,

2. After that it opens 50 point distances 10 orders with candle delay !!

3. Then 200 point distance 10 orders

4. 500 points distances 99 orders

Attention Martingale Steps Unlimited can Open because of Percent Take profit !!


Magic_Buy= Magic Number of BUY Positions

Magic_Sell= Magic Number of SELL Positions

Font Type= You can use Any type of MQL5 fonts

Font Color= You can use many colors to design your INFO panel

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