Rider Evo Trading System

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Rider Evo Trading System 1

Forex Rider Evo Trading System has been developed with a combination of multiple forex indicators to form a trend following forex trading strategy. Besides generating trade signals, this system also displays details about market pivot levels, the trend status, and trade exit signals in order to guide its users all the way through each of their trade entries.

Forex Rider Evo Trading System can be applied to trade all kinds of forex currency pairs at the market. Moreover, this system suits all sorts of timeframe charts available at the forex MT4 trading platform.

  • EMA-Crossover Signal: Plots up/downward arrows to represent the Exponential Moving Average crossovers in order to identify the direction of the current trend. An upward arrow below the price bar means the bullish crossover and a downward arrow above the price bar is considered as the bearish crossover.
  • Bar Trend: Forms as the main price bars to signal the market trend. It turns red when the trend is bullish and appears as blue to signal the bearish trend of the market.
  • DT-ZZ: This indicator has been added to identify the possible swing level of the market. It helps traders to identify the potential market highs or lows so that traders can enter long from the bottom and short from the top of the market momentums.
  • NonLag MA: It is a Moving Average which has been specially designed to react very quickly with the change in price actions thus redeems the lagging issues. It is blue when the trend is bullish and turns red to signal the bearish trend of the market.
  • Bands Stop: Used to signal the current momentums of the market. Its value is positive means the momentum is bullish and turns negative to signal the bearish momentum of the market.
  • X-ARR-ZZ: Works as a trend signal filter. It plots green bars to signal the validity of the bullish trend and red bars to certify the bearish thrust of the current market trend.