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Advisor Forex Nostradamus S – the embodiment of a very interesting and profitable strategy based on trading in the market at significant price fluctuations. When the price of a currency pair for a few minutes it takes several tens or even hundreds of items, you can earn in a short time very well and did not sit in the loss for weeks.

Testing forex advisor Nostradamus_S on the five-minute chart EURUSD. Were obtained very good results, which you can see below. If briefly summarize, the advisor shows excellent profits with little loss.

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view advisor: trend
Deposit: not less than 1000 units per 0.1 standard lots
timeframes from M1 and above
use strategies: breakout

Advisor Forex Nostradamus S opens sometimes many trades in a row with the trend, with a fixed stop and profit. The presence of clearly limited trading orders allows competently assess the risks. A large number of trades has to getting a good rebeyta. Deal going with the trend for each other. differentiated not only a step in the points, but a time delay to avoid a large number of simultaneous requests to the trade server. On the news is especially important.

Shopping options in the EA is not so much to understand them is not difficult. The most basic – a take profit, stop loss and pipstep, they can be used to optimize. If you want to use forex advisor Nostradamus_S simultaneously with other advisors in your account, then ask him to do his Magick, characterized by Magick other experts in the terminal.

Benefits Advisor Nostradamus S

Advantages of forex advisor Nostradamus_S – high profitability, ease of setup, you have a fixed stop loss and take profit. Also there is the possibility to use the automatic calculation of the lot. To work with an advisor forex Nostradamus_S not need to have a high qualification trader, he will approach and beginners. Insignificant load on the deposit can be used Adviser including on small accounts.
How to Install a counselor can be read in an earlier version of the article about this trading expert. In the version of the material advisor is no longer working, but read the description will not be superfluous.

Settings forex advisor Nostradamus S

· TakeProfit = 10; 

· StopLoss = 10; 

· MagicNumber = 1234; 

· PipStep = 6; distance between transactions

· MaxOrders = 10; max. Number of warrants

· TrailingStop = 30; trawl

· TimeToWait = 12; waiting time

· Lots = 0.6; lot

· UseRiskPercent = TRUE; use of the calculation of the lot as a% of the depot

· RiskPercent = 1.0; percentage of the depot

MaxOrderLot = 0.0; max. Lot (0 – no limit)

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