New Binary Options Arrow Indicator

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New Binary Options Arrow Indicator 1

New Binary Options Arrow Indicator

The Binary Options Arrow Indicator ADEX TURBO v21 is an arrow indicator, that, according to its creator, guarantees 80% of profitable signals. To get started with the indicator, you should understand technical or fundamental analysis, since it is based on signals in the form of arrows.

Binary Options Arrow Indicator v21 is a new version of the well-known BINARY ADEX indicator developed in 2021. According to the developer, the indicator has been completely redesigned and uses new algorithms. The only thing left from the original version is the “prefix” ADEX, which is due only to the huge popularity among traders of the indicator of the previous version.

Characteristics of the indicator for binary options ADEX TURBO v21
_Terminal: MetaTrader 4.
_Timeframe: any.
_Expiration: 1 candle.
_Option types: Call/Put.
_Indicators: ADEX TURBO v21.ex4.
_Trading instruments: currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities.
_Trading hours: around the clock.

Signals and trading on the ADEX TURBO v21 indicator
Let’s proceed directly to the effectiveness of the indicator signals.

For all transactions, there are only two rules:

As soon as you see the blue up arrow, you buy a Call option with a short expiration of 1 candle.
As soon as you see a red down arrow, you buy a Put option with a short expiration of 1 candle.

These rules are always applicable: both for short-term M1 timeframes and for large timeframes from H4 and higher.

The result of the indicator and its accuracy depends directly on the time of formation of the signals: the signal must appear at the beginning of the opening of the candle, and only after that an option with an expiration of one candle is bought. These are the author’s main recommendations for trading binary options using the Binary Options Arrow Indicator.

Even short tests have shown that this rule often does not work: the indicator actually redraws the signals and they can appear in the last seconds before the candle closes, and the alerts themselves are triggered too late (after the candle closes).

New Binary Options Arrow Indicator 2

Let’s consider another example of working with the indicator – buying options after a signal on a closed candle. As you can see in the chart below ( EUR/USD currency pair, M1 timeframe), the performance of transactions is standard for most indicators and is approximately 50%. Some signals may give a good result, but in the long run, using only this indicator, without other trading strategies or indicators, will lead the trader to drain the deposit.

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