MTF Harmonics Scanner v2 Advisor forex robot

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MTF Harmonics Scanner v2 Advisor forex robot 1

Forex harmonic scanner. The trading advisor serves as a platform for traders to trade manually, and there is an automatic trading setup, but the trader still needs to manage orders. It provides input signals and displays harmonic patterns on a graph. For reverse testing, set Auto Trade = true and Auto TP = true. harmonic +
Greetings Oh, thanks for the advice! But I always test a demo account before putting an advisor on a real account. And if satisfied with the drawdown-profit ratio and trade tactics, then I bet on the real. The results are always identical. So I’ll figure it out myself. I’ve been testing the Expert Advisor for a long time, but the problem is that I do not fully trust its principle of trading in drawdowns, it is quickly gaining a lot and drawdown. Therefore, it hangs on a demo, but it still cannot drain the deposit and has almost tripled it. Here is the next report for the past trading week. Also, trading goes on a demo account, which serves as a cent account, there is a version of advisor v3. The main settings are as follows (I will make changes soon): the initial lot is 0.02 (not Instaforex), trading is conducted on 14 pairs of 28 possible, PercentProfit – 50, the risk level is medium. Well, I thought this week I’ll wait, finally, a drain. But again, the adviser taxied everything, and how profitable it can be said, he was lucky again. Something is often lucky for him. Last week, the drawdown hung on a pair of AUDUSD. The adviser scored a bunch of orders for the purchase of this pair and a lot of orders grew and grew. But this week there was a strong rollback from the fall and the whole grid closed at a significant profit, which amounted to almost all the main earnings for the week. The results are as follows: profit – 8233.08 units,), the drawdown is 615.13 units or 2.06% of the total. The adviser for all the testing time showed the best result for the week and therefore gets the maximum score of 5 plus.

MTF Harmonics Scanner v2 Advisor forex robot 2

This advisor on a real account will not make money. Trade manually.

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