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Mforex Smart Scalper Forex robot,Fully automated algorithms (advisors, experts) allow you to start making money without any special knowledge of forex and a trading terminal. All you need is to open an account, replenish it, install an advisor and receive constant, stable profit!
On this page, we will analyze in detail everything about MSmart4 – the entry point, the principle of order tracking, order fixing, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of this version.

The entrance to MSmart4 is based on the search for price impulses, or the so-called “gaps” inside the bar. It is difficult to display the conditions of the entry point on the chart, so I make a schematic drawing. Let’s imagine a tick chart of a pair, it will look like my schematic drawing, where each price change is shown with a black zigzag line. EA, each new tick remembers the price, if at the next tick the price is more by PipsStep-pips, then we get the entry point towards the last tick, if not, then we remember the new price and continue looking further. By adjusting the PipsStep-parameter for each pair, you can get an excellent entry point when there is a strong movement such as news or any other triggers that push the market in a certain direction.

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